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Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Leads can be internet, telemarketed live transfers, TV/radio and direct mail calls. All 4 categories make for high quality aged auto insurance leads. It is recommended that auto insurance groups test the various sources to see which is a better fit.

Auto Finance

Internet Auto Finance Leads are developed through search, pay per click, email and organic lead development strategy. When worked properly, internet auto finance leads should allow auto finance agencies to grow their businesses.

Auto Warranty

Auto Warranty Internet Leads are a good way to feed smaller and larger sales staffs. Campaigns may be scaled up and down to meet the needs of vehicle service protection providers. Auto warranties have become extremely important due to high car expenses.


The usual suspects for aged bankruptcy leads are direct mail, radio/TV live telemarketed transfers & internet. Just like other industries aged leads have a lot of value & the cost effective nature of aged leads allows a proprietor to take advantage of the original buyer’s missteps with their leads & close sales at a low cost.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance Leads could be from a number of lead generation strategies including internet, direct mail, TV/radio and telemarketed live transfers. These are the predominant sources of aged internet leads for health insurance.

Merchant Cash Advance

Merchants and small business owners nationwide need working capital to grow and expand their businesses! Too much precious time is being wasted prospecting when you can be “Striking while the iron is Hot” with live transfers!


Once again the mortgage industry is hot with 30 year fixed rates for conforming loans under 4%. The landscape has changed a little as subprime mortgages are in the rear view mirror as is much of the equity in real estate across the country.


With interest in solar panels booming, many business owners are choosing to get in on the action and have learned the basics of solar panel installations and related solar technology applications. We can help connect you, the solar technology professional, with any and all people who are interested.

Debt Settlement

Internet Debt Leads are developed through keyword search and email online strategies. They are great for companies looking for a marketing strategy that delivers a consistent flow of leads and leads that convert to sales.

Tax Settlement

There are four types of Tax Settlement leads. Internet, Live Transfers, TV/Radio, and data. It is always good to have experience with all of the lead types in your industry just in case one becomes saturated with competitors and declines in production

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