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Aged Purchase Loan Leads could be an internet lead, direct mail call, TV/radio call, telemarketed live transfer and even a referral from a realtor. TV/Radio and internet leads seem to be the largest sources of aged purchase loan leads with referrals from realtors being the preferred purchase loan lead. Even if an individual or family decides to put off the decision to buy a home a regularly followed up with realtor referral represents the best aged purchase loan lead there is.

Internet Purchase Loan Leads

Internet Purchase Loan Leads are exclusive purchase mortgage loan leads that focus only on purchase transactions. Organic Traffic, email, and search strategies are all employed to generate internet leads. Internet leads will always make up a large portion of the purchase loan leads on the marketplace. If a mortgage company is not swimming in referrals from realtors internet purchase loan leads are the next best thing.

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Live TV Call Purchase Loan Leads

Live TV Call Purchase Loan Leads are available from time to time. In time periods where rates are at historical lows, credit is readily available, and housing prices are depressed you would have a ton of generic commercials airing that offer mortgage companies the opportunity to plug in and take hot inbound calls. In today’s market there is no way to make a cost per call basis guarantee so live TV call purchase loan leads with high risk, are probably only received on a custom media campaign basis.

Referral Purchase Loan Leads

Referral Purchase Loan Leads are the result of strong realtor relationships. These are hard to come by and aren’t readily opened up to new or rookie mortgage officers. If there was a never ending supply of these there would be no need for purchase loan leads. Another referral source is national online relocation companies that are ahead of the game with news of the need for a new home purchase when executives and employees are moved out of state. Again if you don’t have a leg up on these better take a look at your options and work those sources perfectly.

Semi Exclusive Purchase Loan Leads

Semi-Exclusive Purchase Loan Leads are shared internet purchase mortgage loan leads that focus only on purchase transactions. Shared by as many as 3-5 additional companies to the purchasing firm these internet leads are generated using organic traffic, email, and search strategies. Semi Exclusive Purchase Loan Internet leads will always make up a large portion of the purchase loan leads in the marketplace. If a mortgage company is not swimming in referrals from realtors semi-exclusive internet purchase loan leads are the next best thing and come with a reduced cost due to multiple buyers. More purchase loan leads for the money is not a bad thing and since not everyone a mortgage company and realtor talks to will be immediately ready to purchase a home and obtain a loan, the shared nature of the shared semi-exclusive purchase loan lead is valuable.

Mortgage Refinance Leads

Live Transfer

Once again the mortgage industry is hot with 30 year fixed rates for conforming loans under 4%. The landscape has changed a little as subprime mortgages are in the rear view mirror as is much of the equity in real estate across the country. Lending standards and underwriting guidelines have tightened significantly. This new reality for the mortgage industry makes the mortgage live transfer an interesting play for the industry. When an outsourced call center does basic qualifying for mortgage firms and then warm transfers the call, loan originators are able to focus on high quality applications that convert at higher percentages.

Once again the mortgage live transfer campaign comes with a call log and recording panel for managerial review that we believe helps sales managers review leads, ensure proper scripting and coach loan originators. The campaigns are organized around scheduled hours, time zone, leads per day and states that leads come from. The mortgage live transfer campaign would be a good fit for a portion of any mortgage firms marketing.


Mortgage Refinance Internet Leads have been an integral part of the industry going back to the mortgage boom that created the real estate crisis. They were effective then and are effective now. related to mortgages and rates is readily available online so the amount of people responding to mortgage offers developed online through email campaigns is huge. They are available real time exclusive and delivered via email or posted to a crm depending on user preference. Homeowners are generally ready to go when they fill out a form requesting refinance information and they prevailing industry belief that these low rates cannot stay at historical levels for much longer should only enhance the quality and responsiveness of mortgage refinance internet leads in the short term.

Firms that make sure their sales representative get a hold of these people using both the phone and internet in addition to multiple follow up attempts will close more mortgage refinance internet leads than the average company. Those firms that have embraced the idea that sales people call and email these leads until they are told not to call will add loans to the pipeline and add profitability to the company.


Reverse Mortgage Leads

Call Center Live Transfer Reverse Mortgage Leads

Call Center Live Transfer Reverse Mortgage Leads are the result of a competent call center with good scripting pre-screening prospects from outbound calls and warm transferring to reverse mortgage companies. The call center will verify age, loan size, value and LTV, property type and interest in talking to a reverse mortgage counselor before transferring. All calls are logged and recorded with managerial access to calls for transfer accuracy and sales representative scripting and quality verification. For groups looking to outsource their cold calling the call center live transfer reverse mortgage leads is a good way to go.

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