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Tax Settlement Internet Leads are one of the more popular leads for the tax settlement industry. Because the tax settlement industry has a smaller pool of consumers and businesses that need this help, most tax settlement companies will need to work with multiple types of tax settlement leads to get enough opportunities for hungry sales staffs. It is always good to have experience with all of the lead types in your industry just in case one becomes saturated with competitors and declines in production. Internet tax settlement leads are one of the better leads serving tax resolution and are developed through pay per click and email campaign strategies. They are sold exclusively to one company and may be posted to a crm with posting instructions or emailed at your choosing. Tax Settlement Internet Leads are productive and outperform many other lead types due to the ability for companies purchasing them to make contact via email and phone. Companies that are buying tax settlement internet leads report strong closing percentages and come back to us on a weekly basis.

Live Transfer

Tax Live Transfers are a good solution for tax firms that employ a business model and sales staff that work better with warm inbound calls. The truth is that many tax settlement firms hate internet leads and would rather put their closers focus on selling rather than chasing. With the tax live transfer, that is not an issue and the way a transfer campaign works allows tax firms to put their closers in a position to close over and over again. The tax live transfer represents a taxpayer that meets basic criteria based on tax debt, type of tax debt, income to contribute and an interest in speaking to a tax settlement representative. The conversations between the transfer agent and prospect as well as the transfer agent and the sales representative are recorded through the end of the sales conversation and the phone number is logged in an admin panel that comes with the campaign. This type of tax campaign is organized, schedule and effective. Companies that purchase tax live transfers close deals and avoid the hassle and time chasing down prospects. Our tax settlement live transfer clients report that they do exceptionally well when the bulk of their time is spent selling their service as opposed to lead development.

TV & Radio

Tax calls from tv & radio are highly sought after by tax firms that prefer warm inbound calls. Because media buyers have found a way to develop generic professional commercials and buy media that is placed in a way to develop a good flow of inbound calls for tax, the tax settlement industry is able to buy calls on a cost per call basis. TV & Radio campaigns are typically done on a cash buy media arrangement where additional costs are needed for commercial creation and the minimum buy in is $10k with not guarantee of the number of calls. With tax tv & radio calls, tax firms are guaranteed the number of calls at an agreed upon cost per call. The guesswork has been taken out of it by professional media people. Whether it is tv or radio tax calls there is a call logging and recording function that comes packaged with a managerial admin panel. The sales day may be scheduled by hours worked, states serviced, and number of leads. For tax settlement, radio is the larger producer of tax settlement calls on a cost per call basis, however both are very desirable and productive hot inbound call leads.


Tax Data is a public record data based upon the county filing of a federal or state tax lien. This is the only data that is not opt-in that has any value in the tax settlement industry. Some will tell you to model it and our recommendation is to run the other direction. Tax lien data may be filtered by date the lien was recorded, type of lien federal or state, amount of the lien, county and state. The tax lien records may come with phones scrubbed against the national do not call list or without for direct mail campaigns. Tax data used in direct mail campaigns may be scrubbed against the national change of address data base to minimize returned mail. Tax lien data is effective and should be considered by all tax firms for telemarketing that experience down time between fresh lead campaigns beginning and ending so as to keep their reps busy and hunting for new sales.

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